How Diamonds Were Created Essay

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Today, diamonds are one of the precious jewels on Earth. We find them in mining caves, which are later extracted and sold for millions of dollars. But we wonder, where did the diamonds come from? This is the story of how an ordinary person can create jewels more valuable than gold with a power given by the gods, but at the same time, save their lives.
A long time ago, there was a village named Alevale. Alevale was home to more than 5000 citizens, and most of them are rich and live in grand mansions. One family though was poor, and they didn't live in a grand mansion. This family had 16 kids named Zinon, Zoe, Mathias, Alexander, Kalina, Ioanna, Iris, Marika, Gus, Takis, Sotiris, Kiki, ...view middle of the document...

Relief flushed over Adamatine as she knew that her plea of help is heard. The lady introduced herself as Hera, Queen of the Gods and wife of Zeus. Hera asked Adamatine why she prayed to the Gods, and so she told her how she and her family are in poverty, and that they needed something valuable in order to keep her family alive.
Hera looked at the family, and she could tell that they were telling the truth. She touched Adamatine and there was a glow of light on Adamatine for a while. Adamatine did not know, but Hera gave her the power to create jewels from her tears. These jewels were worth more than gold, and was enough to make Adamatine and her 16 kids the richest family on Earth. But Hera did not tell her about the magical power because she does not want her to use her powers as greed in the future. Instead, Hera told her to go to each cave to search for jewels that were worth more than gold, but very hard to find. Adamatine asked her why she couldn't give her gold. But it was already too late as Hera left through the same light she came from.

The next day, Adamatine and her 16 kids packed their bags with torches and whatever was left in their house and they began their search for the jewels. The first cave they decided to search the jewels are the Caves of Diavik. When they reached the Caves of Diavik, it was dark and gloomy and without light, it was impossible to find the jewels or even see where they were going. Luckily, each of them brought a torch, and so Adamatine and the 16 kids each brought out their torch, lit it up and began to search for the jewels. For hours they searched for the jewels, but they didn't find the jewels. Adamatine started to cry, thinking that there was no way they could find the jewels. Tryphon said that there were other caves that they could search for while he would stay at this cave to continue looking for the jewels. Adamatine agrees and so the rest of the family left, and Tryphon stayed behind and continued their quest to search for the jewels.
For days they searched through the different caves, but they each didn't have the jewels. Adamatine...

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