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How Did Cassie Come To See What It Was Like In The 1930s?

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How did Cassie come to see what it was like in the 1930s?Cassie came to see racism and 'how things are' in a number of incidents. Cassie still young was oblivious to racism that surrounded her. Throughout the book she learns more and more about the past and what is going on around her.Cassie goes to Great Faith Elementary, one of the largest black schools in the county, an hours journey from her home, with her three brothers, Stacey, Christopher- John and Little man. Unlike the white children the black children do not have a bus, they walk to school everyday. Near the beginning of this book we hear about the white children's bus purposely driving fast past them, all the children except for Little man jumped into the gully on the side of the road, and as the bus sped by he was covered in red dust. At her first day back at school, they go back later than the white school because they are needed to pick the cotton, the teacher miss Crocker announced that each of the children would receive a book of their own. When the children went to collect their books they discovered that they were in a very bad condition. Little man threw his book on the floor, Cassie in amazement at how Little man had reacted flipped through her book and discovered a page stating all the former owners of the book, the owners race and then the condition of the book. The condition was now written down as very poor and the race of the student as nigra. Cassie then complained to her teacher but she just got hit as well. Cassie was very upset that she and Little man got punished for complaining to their teacher about the chart. This is one of the first times Cassie sees pure racism for herself and she is quite hurt.When papa visits home, bringing Mr Morrison, he tells the children not to go to the Wallace's store. The Wallace's were racist people who owned the only shop on the Granger plantation, it served the Montier and Harrison plantations as well. Papa Logan warns the children that if they go to the Wallace store he will beat them, they all agree not to go up there. After a day at school the children find Stacey in a big mood when they ask some of the other children they discover that Stacey had been beaten by Mrs Logan for cheating in a test, everyone knew that Stacey wouldn't ever cheat and they knew that it had been T.J. That day T.J went up to the Wallace's store after school, Stacey followed him and beat him up, when they got home Stacey confessed to mama Logan, the children all thinking that she would whip them they were proven wrong she merely scolded them and sent them to bed early. The next day she woke them up early and they travelled to the Berry's. when they went into the Berry's home they saw a man who was badly burnt and injured. Later on when they asked mama what had happened to him, she explained that the Wallace's had burnt him just because he is black. After this lesson Cassie feels very confused about why anyone would do that. The Logan's have decided to...

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