How Did Development In Advertising In Victorian And Edwardian Britain Reflect The Social And Economic Changes Which Were Taking Place? You Should

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Victorian & Edwardian Changes Lead to Development of Advertising
During Victorian Era, industrial revolution and Great Exhibition brought British into a rich, powerful country. Victorian Era started the economic bloom of British follow by the advance in medical, technology & knowledge (Anne Shepherd,2001). Industrial production increase and product became cheaper. This stimulated the market thus boosts the economy of country. English society became rich and form by mostly the middle-class family. They felt like have to acting “properly” as a representation of their social class so they spend more to buy products. With the consumerism increased, competition between companies becomes ...view middle of the document...

This reflects the technology advancement at that time.

Advertising have high request during industrial revolution. A lot of advertising agency, or we can call it printing shop have been opened to fulfill the industrial need. The increasing of advertising is so massive until whole Britain fill by poster, flyer and even men-hold advertising board (sandwich board). This reflects how much economic rely on advertising that time due to the competitive environment.

With the introducing of lithographic printing press, poster evolved to a colored era. Poster that time pose a colorful, light design full of flora pattern and often use child, maiden, women as subject. As 1870 was the age that women start to be activist and have more influence to society (Jane Martin, 1999, p.2). It reflect the society which suit the middle class favorite, like a comfortable life style and also decorative pattern. This also show people that time like a decorative design because during industrial revolution, people working whole day and will seek for entertainment. Beautiful picture will sure pull their eye from bored working life.

Until the Edwardian era, advertising keep develop with new type of printing machine. More and more print media like poster, flyer, news paper and magazine been produced. This is because Edwardian Era start a new stage of population grow and economic climax. Advertising in Edwardian Era focus to middle class people, they encourage consumer to buy more so they keep promote about the benefit of using their product. Advertising had become a mass marketing technique to let more people to see it. Advertising in Edwardian Era also post a lot on poster because of color lithography printing.

The First product advertising focus on was washing and cleaning product. This is because most of the middle class people use to stay at their home after work, and the maiden use to do a lot of housework. The needed for household product are high. People life style change and they need to keep their house clean and also their own appearance. Subjects and products shown on advertising are basically aim for middle class family daily products.

The Edwardian poster shows a simple design with border and focus the subject in the middle. All advertising show the products promoted in a direct way. During Edwardian Era, advertising fill every space in people life, people can interact with variety of advertisement every day. So, decorative elements are no more importance. What importance was to let them get the message clearly and easily. Edwardian advertising is all about attract people in a fast and simple way.

Changes in Advertising
Victorian Era shows great advance in the invention of print machine and technique especially lithography printing. People printed a lot and use their creativity to create beautiful and attractive image on poster, newspaper and magazine. Advertising in Victorian Era are mostly poster. This reflects that increasing population...

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