How Did Gatsby And Daisy Met

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After I got home from my rendezvous with Jordan, I started to wonder about the mysterious way in which Daisy and Gatsby met so I went to Gatsby’s home to ask him to tell me the detailed version of the story. I got to his house and I asked one of his servants where Mr. Gatsby was and he led me to Gatsby’s office. There I found him standing at his desk, face turned to the window, contemplating something while he drank his whiskey.
“Did you and Mrs. Baker talk about my request?”
“Yes, we did. But why didn’t you ask me yourself?”
“I was afraid to tell you the whole story and I knew that Mrs. Baker will tell you only the part that she knows because she never talked with me about this. She only ...view middle of the document...

Edgar left the drinks on the desk.
“Edgar, it would be better if you brought the bottles here. Mr. Carraway and I have a lot to talk and I would rather not call you every time our glasses are empty.”
“Of course Mr. Gatsby. Right away!”
After what seemed like a very long time, Edgar returned with a bottle of Templeton Rye and another bottle of Amer Picon.
“Thank you Edgar. That would be all.”
Edgar left. It was the moment I expected the whole evening. Gatsby was about to tell me the story about how he and Daisy met and how he began to love her.

“Now, my dear friend, as I told you, it is going to be a long story. Please make yourself comfortable. This story takes place, as you know, in the year 1917 in the lovely town of Louisville. I was sent there to wait my deportation to England. I could not wait to go to war. It was the greatest thing a man could do. One night, I was drinking a glass of whiskey in the known cocktail lounge of the Brown Hotel. It was a well-known place between the soldiers that waited to be sent in battle. I did not know at that time, but an extraordinarily beautiful young lady attended that lounge every night. She was well known between the soldiers. Every one of them wanted to have her. I heard stories about her but I always thought that the whiskey blurred the visions and that their portrayal lacked a sober opinion. It was my first night in that lounge and I could not wait to attest the fact that they were aberrant. Unfortunately I was about to be proven wrong. When she walked through the door, it was like a goddess set foot on earth. Every man looked at her. She knew that she was in the spotlight. The way she waved her hips when she walked, the way her hair would slightly flip when she walked, the way she smiled, like she was a movie star, everything was absolutely perfect about her. She came straight to the bar and ordered a cocktail. She was just perfect. Everything about her was flawless. My mind wanted to talk to her but my body was paralyzed. From time to time, men came to her and they had a little chat. They never chatted more than 5 minutes and the men always...

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