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How Did Hitler Gain Power? Essay

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Before Hitler was made chancellor he was nothing. He doesn't have a majority in the Reichstag until 1932. Which is when he basically starts striving and in 1933, when he was made chancellor, the Nazi went up back to around 200 chairs again. This man was considered crazy. No one likes him. He has no fame, he is an excellent speaker, but he isn't all that famous around everyone. Barely anyone supports him. From Source A taken from that the Nazis had no support from the rich people, which were the aristocrats, and he gained no support from well educated people. With so little percentages of support from the high social groups that it was amazing Hitler ever came to power. The Nazis wasn't taken seriously. They were considered a joke, and pretty much forgotten when the Weimar Republic start to strive. From source B below taken from the book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer even stated that the Nazis were use as a joke the Nazis and Hitler was almost never heard of, after the Weimar Republic start thriving. With all of this sources facts and number, how exactly did Hitler become Chancellor all of a sudden in 1933? Even though there are many reasons that Hitler should have never became successful with the lack of support, but there are also a lot of reasons that explains how Hitler got a lot of help to gain support that which eventually indirectly made Chancellor. The reasons he was able to become Chancellor was because he got a lot of money, he used a lot of propaganda, he have a very presentable Programme, he crushes other parties, after the 1929 there was the economic depression and he was elected by Hindenburg. History can be predicted, because it already happened. It is already known that Hitler did become Chancellor. The reasons above were some of the many reasons that Hitler became Chancellor. From those reasons it can be easily inferred that Hitler barely did anything to become Chancellor, it was really because he got a lot of help.The first reason that was stated was because he had money. To run a political party and getSource CHitler's financiersMany industrials bankrolled the Nazis, including allegedly: Hjalmar Schacht, Head of the Reichsbank, organised fund-raising parties for Hitler. Fritz von Thyssen, the German steel businessman Alfred Krupp, the owner of Krupp steel firm l Emil Kirdorf, the coal businessman l IG Faben, the German chemicals firm, gave half the funds for the 1933 elections l The German car firm Opel (a subsidiary of General Motors)l Schroeder Bank - on Jan. 3, 1933, Reinhard Schroeder met Hitler and asked him to form a government. And many foreign firms including: l Henry Ford of Ford Motors. Hitler borrowed passages from Ford's book The International Jew to use in Mein Kampf and had a picture of Ford on the wall of his office. l Union Banking Corporation, New York (George Bush's great-grandfather was president of the Corporation) l ...

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