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How Did Hitler Replace The Weimar Government And What Was The Nature Of Support That Helped Him Come To Power?

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Select the ruler of one single party state (Hitler) and assess the conditions of the previous regime that the ruler replaced (Weimar) and the nature of support that helped the ruler to achieve power.In 1920 Hitler emerged as leader of NSDAP. In August 1934, President Hindenburg dies and Hitler becomes President. The Weimar Republic was unpopular, because the Germans had never had a democratic government and thought it was weak. There are many reasons why Hitler and the Nazi Party managed to establish power in Germany.The rise of Hitler can be explained in two ways: the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic and the strengths of the Nazis. First of all, there was no popular support for Weimar. By signing the Armistice in November1919, the Weimar politicians became known as the November Criminals. The people of Germany didn't want a democracy, they wanted a strong government and support for the extreme left and the extreme right increased. The Weimar government was characterised by Proportional Representation, which meant that no party could have total control and the Reichstag would consist of weak coalitions instead of strong and autocratic. It was also marked by article 48, which was an article that stated that the President could rule by decree in case of an emergency. It was likely that this article would be used, because weak coalition governments could not solve the problems that Germany faced after the war.The Weimar government faced uprisings, even before the Treaty of Versailles had been signed. An example of this is the Spartacist movement in 1919, led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, which could only be crushed by the Freikorps. After the Treaty of Versailles, there was the Kapp Putch in 1920, led by Wolfgang Kapp. This was an uprising of the Freikorps due to Ebert's attempt to disarm them because they had too much power. These uprisings show the lack of faith in democracy.The Weimar Republic also faced economic problems. The terms of the Treaty were harsh on Germany, especially economically. Germany had to pay 6.600 million pounds of reparations to cover for the war costs of the other countries involved in the First World War.When she did not pay reparations in 1923, the French response was the occupation of the Ruhr and the demand to be paid in goods. The Germans in turn refused to do this and went on a strike, Passive Resistance, so that no goods were produced. However, this meant the government had to print money to be the workers and no goods were produced, which resulted in...

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