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How Did Joseph Stalin Come To Power

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Joseph Stalin was born on December 6, 1878. In June 1894, at the end of the school he was awarded as the best student, and at advice of teachers in September 1894 he entered the Tiflis Orthodox Theological Seminary. While studying at the seminary, he read a lot, regularly visited the library, constantly receiving warnings for reading forbidden literature. His first acquaintance with Marxism refers to the year 1897, and from there he began to closely read the socialist and Marxist literature a sharp bend on the path of revolutionary developments. He became a member of the Social-Democratic organization called Messameh Ducey. The organization, which name means “the third group” was established in 1892, and since it did not have nationalistic goals, the tsarist authorities have shown tolerance to it and allowed it to operate legally. At the end of 1898, Stalin regularly attended gatherings of readers of the socialist group “Messameh Ducey.” In spring of 1899 Stalin increasingly conflicted with the administration of the seminary. After he received several comments on the failure to appear for the exam and violations of the regime, he was expelled from the seminary. Then he lost his job, and for a short time returned back home in Gori. At the end of the year he got a job and a service apartment in Tiflis Physical Observatory. Having a job for cover, he devoted himself completely to illegal activities and participated in the organization of revolutionary speeches.
When the Soviet government, after the October Revolution, Stalin was appointed as People's Commissar for Nationalities. He was actively involved in the administrative structure of the marginal areas. His desire for centralization and intolerance often served as a source of conflict with the leaders of the newly formed Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Individual leaders of the Communist Party objected to the proposals for the introduction of Stalin in the USSR. After Lenin's death in 1924, a determined campaign against Trotskyism began. Stalin master of the situation was the chief organizer of the funeral. He acted as the main successor to the leader. Unique application for this was his speech dedicated to the memory of Lenin at the 2nd All-Union Congress of Soviets.
On the ideological front, Stalin crushed the opposition. And then he rushed to the "big jump" into socialism. In his decisions, he has always primarily been guided by political expediency. In search of the task he was thinking only about the technology business. He was not restrained with moral considerations and did not take up issues such as human sacrifices. In November 1927, Stalin said that the collectivization of agriculture will be implemented gradually, by economic, financial, cultural and political order. He misled the layers of poor peasants and workers who formed the base of collectivization. Acceleration of collectivization led to the ruin of agriculture itself. Methods of dispossession caused deep resentment,...

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