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How Did Literature Change Throughout Europe Between The Medieval Times To The Renaissance Period And What Contributed To That Change?

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Religion, technology, literature, and certain people were a part of the change between the Medieval Times and the Renaissance Period throughout Europe. The certain places that were most affect by this change was France, England and Italy. Each one was effected differently in many ways. The change in Italy all started in the 14th century. But due to the cause of the war in 1337 to 1453, the change in England and France all started in the late 15th century. Religion, technology, literature and certain people were a part of the medieval and Renaissance times the only difference between the two of those is that in the medieval times was more about religion and literature. In the Renaissance period it was more about the new technology that was coming out also about certain people who were making that change and helping people believe that the Renaissance time was better than the medieval times. When then Renaissance period accord it’s been all revolved around ...view middle of the document...

Those are the three main points that I will explain in my paper to show each one in more depth so you can understand each point I’m trying to bring. Other points I will explain in more details is the difference between religion in the medieval and Renaissance. Also how technological change and was made better throughout each period. The difference between literature and what language certain books were written in those time period. Finally how certain people were the reason why everything changed from the medieval times to the Renaissance period. Each one of these are important to prove or explain in more details because then you’ll understand what I’m trying to prove. I know there were more things that had happened throughout Europe during the medieval and Renaissance period, but the points that I’m going to prove are the main points of the difference or the change in each time period. Some people would have just picked one specific country to talk about the certain changes, but I on the other hand chose Europe in general. So since I’ll be speaking about Europe in general that includes France, England and Italy. Each country changed from medieval times to the Renaissance period in different time periods. Throughout this paper you’ll see the different time periods and the difference between each country.
One of the main points I will prove is that the literature changed from the medieval times to the Renaissance period. The changes have been that during the medieval times everything was handwritten and revolved around God. God was all they use to talk, draw and write about during the medieval period. Back then during that period there were a lot of Catholic churches all around Europe. At one point in life after Jesus Christ dying, they banned Christianity. Christianity was very important to certain people and most people believed in God. By the Renaissance Period everything started to change certain painting were about the Greek Gods and Goddess. Also started to speak and write about Gods and Goddess. There were many different Gods and Goddess, One was named Zeus and he was the God of lightening.

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