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How Did Pittsburg Go From Being Bad In The Early 70's To Being One Of The Best Teams Within The Late 70's

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How did Pittsburgh go from being bad in the early 70’s to be one of the best teams within the late 70’s?

Adam Lee Kerns
IDS 495B
Dr. Danny Moore
April 6, 2014

How did Pittsburgh go from being bad in the early 70’s to be one of the best teams within the late 70’s? We want to see how the change in record went from being bad to great. With this at hand we have to look at the team’s roster within the 70’s to see if it had anything with them playing so bad. Then we might want to look at the management to figure out if they had anything to do with this winning record. We may even want to look at the changes within the NFL in the 70’s era that could have helped this championship team. We may even want to know what the newspapers reports thought about this new team Pittsburgh had put together.
Frist, we want to look at the record, Pittsburgh had in the early 70’s compared to the later 70’s. In 1970 the Pittsburgh Steelers went 5-9 with five win and nine losses, seeing that you could tell we had a losing record. The next year 1971 we improved to 6-8, you could say that was because “in the 70’s Pittsburgh picked into the Baltimore Colts roster and grabbed running back Terry Cole and tight end Ara Person all on waivers.” (writer) “As well Pittsburgh drafted Terry Bradshaw in the 70’s draft First Overall.” (NFLDraft) In 1972 Pittsburgh went an impressive 11-3, “winning their first tile in the 40th try to the chargers. They also beat the Raiders in the divisional playoffs despite the loss of starting receiver Frank Lewis with a broken collarbone” (Writer, Steelers Win First Tile in 40th Try), but then loss in the conference championship to the Dolphins 21-17. This could have been because of the draft pick we had made in 1971 and 1972, “Jack Ham linebacker in round 2 of 1971 and the first round of 1972 Franco Harris.” (NFLDraft) In 1973 Pittsburgh dropped down to 10-4 we made it to the playoffs but loss to the Raiders in the divisional playoff game 14-33. “The Raiders surprised the Steelers in the second half by scoring 23 points to win the game. This 33 point games was the most scored on Pittsburgh in the year of 1973.” (Dispatches) In 1974 Pittsburgh rose to 10-3-1 with ten wins, three losses, and one tie to the Broncos. “This led Pittsburgh to the playoffs as a wildcard and we ended up winning the divisional playoffs and the head to the conference championship and beat the Raiders 24-13” (Wallace, Steelers Defeat Raiders, 24-13, and Reach the Super Bowl With Vikings, Victors by 14-10), then Pittsburgh headed to their very first Super Bowl against the Vikings and won it 16-06. “In 1975 Pittsburgh didn’t slow down and went 12-2 in regular season and went to win their second Super Bowl against the Dallas Cowboys they won 21-17.” (Shapiro)“You could say this amazing season was all thanks to the great draft picks in 1974 when Pittsburgh drafted wide receiver, Lynn Swan in the first round and linebacker, Jack Lambert in the second...

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