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How Did The Atlantic Slave Trade Evolve?

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1) Columbian Exchange- the Columbian Exchange term is, described as the massive worldwide trade of animals, plants, foods, and slaves. Christopher Columbus first voyage launched an era of extensive contact between the Old and New Worlds that resulted in the ecological revolution. The Columbian Exchange is important because, it affected every society on earth, by bringing devastating diseases that depopulated many cultures.
2) Spanish Inquisition- the Spanish inquisition term is, described as a group of people going around converting people to Christianity, the ones they couldn't convert they tortured or killed. The Spanish inquisition is important because, In Spain the inquisition was held at the request of the king of Spain who used the Inquisition to confiscate property (primarily from wealthy Jewish) to convert to Christianity who were accused of secretly remaining Jews. The Spanish Inquisition in some cases was brutal. Basically, church leaders decided to terrorize the population by torturing, deporting or burning to death anyone they didn't like on the pretext of "heresy”.
3) Conquistadores- the conquistadors term is, described as individuals who were seeking for riches, slaves and to covert people to their religion. The conquistadors were important because, they helped the Spain nation in finding gold, and to find traded pathways.
4) Qing Dynasty- the Qing Dynasty term, is described as being one of the first imperial dynasty in China. The Qing Dynasty is important because, it’s what began the construction of the Great Wall of China, and construction of roads.
5) Safavid Empire-The Safavid Empire was important because, they were the force who stopped Turks advancing the east. They also brought central authority to region after a long time. Their contribution to art and architecture is great. Safavid also was the force who stopped the Portuguese from colonizing Iran.

Essay: How did the Atlantic Slave trade evolve? Explain its origins, its impact on Africa as well as in North and South America and the Caribbean.
The Atlantic slave trade evolved with the formation of large plantations in south, central, and southern North America. It took a lot of labor to work these...

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