How Did The Ideology Of The Whigs Differ From That Of The Working Men's Party? From That Of The Jacksonian Democrats?

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Ideology between the Whigs, Working Men’s Party and the Jacksonian Democrats differed in a variety of ways. While the nation was beginning to take shape, political parties also began to take shape. Some will last or merge to form what we know in our political structure in today’s society, others will dissolve for unfavorable reasons. To understand how the Whigs differed from the Working Men’s Party and the Jacksonian Democrats, we must first understand who the Whig Party were, and what they stood for.
The Whig party arose in 1834, when a group of congressmen banded together to oppose Andrew Jackson’s policies and his high-handed, “kinglike conduct”.[out book-p312] Their name came from the American Whigs who like them, also opposed tyranny. During the Whigs tenure in mid-nineteenth century politics, they had achieved in having four Presidents elected to office. In the religious spectrum, most evangelical Protestants became Whigs. The Whigs believed in a system where ability ...view middle of the document...

The Working Men’s Party rejected “the claring inequality of society” that subordinated the interests of workers to those of their employers.[our book-p315] They wanted to see a balance system between all social classes and opportunity for everyone regardless of social class, wealth, talent, and education.
The Jacksonian Party, like the Working Men’s Party, were complete polar opposites of the Whig Party. Vastly different in that the Whigs were formed in direct opposition to President Andrew Jackson and his Jacksonians who believed that the President and executive branch was absolute over Congress. Jacksonians also saw to destroy the American System and all national plans for economic development [our book-p302], and sort of Laissez-faire economic environment, whereas the Whigs wanted to bolster economic development under the American System and use tariff revenues to build roads and canals. Jacksonians also shared an egalitarian philosophy and fought for equality, while the Whigs were seen to favor those of corporate America. Politics were seen as “manly” affairs as thought of by the Jacksonian Democrats, but the Whigs attempted to boost their numbers by allowing women to campaign festivities. One of the greatest differences between the two, was the Whigs moral stance on abolishing slavery and the Jacksonian Democrats on slavery expansion. This one ideology would end up causing the Whigs to lose touch with the general public and cause their appeal to dwindle resulting in many of the Whigs joining the Republican Party, all while the Jacksonians would reform as the Democratic Party.
While the ideologies of the Whigs, Working Men’s Party and the Jacksonian Democrats differed, they end up causing reform. Whigs would lose touch with the public, split on issues, and many would join the Republican Party. The Working Men’s Party would never achieve high political office, but would see some of their ideas shared with the Jacksonian Democrats, and would later join the Democratic Party with fellow Jacksonian Democrats. Despite the merger of political groups, the fundamental ideologies would carry on all the way through the Civil War.

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