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How Did The Manchurian Crisis And Its Results Affect Militarism In Japan?

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How did the Manchurian Crisis and its results affect militarism in Japan?

Part A: Plan of Investigation

Through early 1930's Japan was facing difficult economic times and conflict pertaining to the rights that they believed were rightfully theirs. On The night of September 18, 1931 the Manchurian crisis (Mukden Incident) took place. An explosion destroyed part of the Southern Manchurian railway which was owned by the Japanese. After this incident Japan started to began to lean into militarism. This event was a huge turning point for the country of japan as a whole. To what extent did the Manchurian Crisis affect militarism in Japan. This will be ...view middle of the document...

He mainly focused on its affects on the government. One issue with his view though is that he was not in Japan he was only expressing his views from outside of the country. He was not their to experience what was actually happening inside of the country. Also, since he wasn’t actually in Japan he could not have fully understood the effects of the incident he would know some details but he would only be able to infer the others. However, he was still alive at the time of the events. He is a reliable source for outside information because even though he was not inside of the country he was able to see some of the effects of the Manchurian crisis

Takehiko Yoshihashi, Conspiracy at Mukden: The Rise of the Japanese Military (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1963),

This book was written by Takehiko Yoshihashi in 1963. It was written in order the conspiracy behind the Manchurian Crisis and to show what the Japanese did in order to take over Manchuria. Since this book was written in 1963 it is not a direct account of the events. He was not their to experience the actual event of the incident. This is however reliable because the author uses specific information from the time using accounts from people of that time and using information from other authors.

Part D:

During the early 1930's Japan was growing through difficult times in their economy and their relationships with their neighboring countries. Japan was weakened by these issues and blamed China for a lot...

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