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How Did The Renaissance Change Man's View Of Man?

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Throughout the course of the Renaissance, man’s view of man drastically evolved for the better. The Renaissance lasted from 1300 to 1600, during this time an advance in creativity as well as thought occurred. The Renaissance, meaning re-birth, was a time to start over after the Medieval Ages. “Man’s view of Man”, refers to how every human evolved in their thoughts in their nature. During this era religion, art, science, technology, and literacy intellectually differed due humanism.

During the Renaissance, the way in which art was portrayed changed. Many people became more confident with the human body and weren’t afraid to portray human characteristics as well as flaws. During the ...view middle of the document...

This sparked confusion and a lot of people continued to shy away from the Catholic Church even more. Man’s view of man also changed through literacy.
The development of literacy is another essential factor that contributed to how Man’s view of Man evolved. After the Middle Ages, freed serfs migrated to city-states and took up trades. Also, the amount of merchants and banker increased. All of these people needed an education in order to effectively and successfully work; thus literacy spread. The invention of the printing press was another reason why literacy spread. The printing press allowed copies of books to be made instead of handwriting them. This resulted in more books being produced allowing more people to read. Humanism was also at a widespread. Humanists studied history, literature, classical texts, and philosophy. The Renaissance was a time of intellectual movement. This movement was focused on human achievement. Another way the Renaissance changed man's view of man was through science and technology.
During the Renaissance, the advancement of science nod technology changed the way man view man for the better....

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