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How Did The Renaissance Change Man's View Of Man?

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When a person lays their eyes on a stranger, anywhere, they may make false accusations about them. They may look menacing and mean, but if you get to know them and understand them, they may be the sweetest person you know. So in what way did their personality make you think differently about them? The same question can be asked about the Renaissance, but instead of people, a time period. 500 CE to about 1350 CE was the time period called the Middle Ages, where the lifestyle of a European was based upon the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. At this time, schools were few, and illiteracy was very common among the citizens. The serfs, which were peasant farmers who worked for a lord, looked ...view middle of the document...

Both paintings, shown in Document A, were created during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but side-by-side, show many differences. Duccio di Buoninsegna's treatment of the human face in Madonna Enthroned Between Two Angels displayed the basics of painting. This art also displayed more of a religous nature and it's dimensions were not quite correct. But on the other hand, the Mona Lisa, by one of the most known names in artistry, Leonardo da Vinci, displayed new details that forever shaped artwork, such as "well defined landscapes, natural folds in drapery, and third-dimensional figures". The Mona Lisa heavily influenced artwork at the time, and greatly inspires people today.
A second area where Renaissance thinkers expressed their interest in human nature was in literature The Renaissance skill in literature spanned from scenes from the bible, to plays by Shakespeare. Also, the authors' purposes to inform, educate, and entertain.The first excerpt is from Everyman, a dramatic play, and it tells the truth about Christianity using scenes from the bible. It explains that man is nothing compared to God and "Calleth Everyman to a general reckoning: Give audience and hear what he doth say", meaning that man must always listen to God in any situation, and this is exactly how the Europeans felt they should act 24/7. The second excerpt is from one of the most known authors in history, William Shakespeare and is from Hamlet, 1601. It compares man to God, explaining that "in apprehension like a God" means that man moves like God; is God. Hamlet is primarily about the human condition and it congratulates man for his accomplishments over time. These purposes soon shifted from god to man, as shown from the two excerpts from Document B. This kind of writing used words such as "thee", "shall" and "doth". When literacy became more common, these pieces increased...

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