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How Did The Renaissance Change The World?

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The Renaissance time period took place during the 14th and the 16th centuries it began in Europe. The Renaissance was a time of art, open ideas, and new beginnings. Before this time there was the Middle Ages. Then it was not a good time at all, it was full of sickness, disease, death, and the plague it killed almost half of Europe’s population. After the plague slowly decreased the population in Europe started to grow. Lots of new things started to happen. Like Bankers Merchants, and Tradespeople had a new market for their services. People became wealthier and had more money to spend. People began to build much bigger houses and buy more expensive clothes and people became ...view middle of the document...

Books were really expensive because they were written by hand, and most of them were written in latin. When the Printing Press was invented people were able to write it in their own languages. Books became cheaper, and more of them were around. People bought travel books, romances, poetry, and almanacs. They read more and became much more educated. The printing of books led to a new way of thinking, more scholars began to read Greek and Latin and studied more manuscripts on topics like science, art, and life. humanists did not believe that much in religion.
They thought money and trade were much more important in life than citizens needing a good general education. A churchman named Martin Luther changed Christianity. In 1517 he wrote a list of things that he didn’t like about the church, and posted them on the doors of his church in Wittenburg, Germany. Luther also wanted to hold masses in Germany instead of Latin, so that people could understand them better. Many other christians agreed that the church was in need of change. Luther and others founded another religion and split away from the Roman Catholic Church.
How the renaissance art changed history, In the middle ages art was dull and was ristricted to mainly being used to display a church setting. Art was like that during the middle ages because of the churches control and power during that time. Art was used to show the appriciation and their respect to the church. The renaissance art was very different from the middle ages. The renaissance art showed emotion in its design and was more open to the public with new artistic ideas. These ideas were now able to be less church orientated because of the churches powers slowly digressing.
The renaissance art influenced society by allowing the rest of the world to realize something revolutinary. Art did not have to be made just to symbolize churches. The renaissance showed that art can be also used to show the emotion in people as well. The renaissance art later proved to the world that art could later help to show/ explain the features of objects or people. The renaissance art then had showed the fact by using different shading techniques and color patterns, that you could be able to showcase the mood of any setting. And it didnt have to be under a church topic, it could be in the mood setting shown of war, or a fantasy.
The arts during the renaissance were very beautiful and showed lots of beauty, they showed lots of emotion and detail to them. They had lots of color to show the detail as well. The art work during the middle ages was quiet dull and didn’t show much of anything, but the fact of it having to deal with christianity. It didn’t show much emotion, it was hard to see what the painting was trying to show. The renaissance was very vivid and detailed comparted to the middle ages.
The 14th century was a time of great crisis, the Hundred Year War and the Turmoil in the Catholic Church all shook peoples faith in the government,...

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