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How Did The War End For The Us? How Did War End For The Vietnamese? How Was This Possible?

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During the 1060?-1975, there was a war called Vietnam War. It was a major war between the US and Vietnam. But as a result, the North Vietnamese defeated the US and united Vietnam. But how was this possible? And how did the war end for both countries?

The Vietnam War was a useless war for the US. The aim of US involvement into the Vietnam War was contains spreading of communism but the consequence of the US involvement was completely fault because the US government couldn't stop the spreading of the communism, rather, they made a origin to Cambodia and Laos turn communism by attacking them and made reasons for civil war at there. In cost, the Vietnam War was the most expensive war (623billion US dollars) which the US has fought after World War 2. In addition, US army lost fifty-eight thousands of their solders. However American Army learned one thing from the Vietnam War, which is don't allow media to report the present condition of the battlefield too much. In the Vietnam War, American Army allowed media to report freely, in the result the medias fanned people to the anti war movement.
Internationally, the War was so ashamed for the USA. During 1950-53, there was a Korean War, and however they succeeded to contain the spreading but not succeed to Roll Back it, so it didn't completely satisfied the US. Thus, the US must stop the spreading of the communist by intervene into the War. But as a result, the US withdraws from Vietnam in 1975 so they lost their face so much. The authority of the US abased.
To Vietnamese, the...

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