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How Did The Wheel, Writing And Irrigation Change Life For The People Living During The Time Of The Fertile Crescent Empire?

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A lot of the inventions and innovations used today were created thousands of years ago. Irrigation, writing and the wheel were very important inventions and innovations during the time of the Fertile Crescent empire, and are still important today. The Fertile Crescent was an empire which was situated around Europe and Africa, got its name because it was in a shape of a crescent, and its soils were fertile.
Thesis Statement

Without irrigation, crops would be a lot harder to get in countries where there is not a lot of rain. irrigation is what it is called when the water from the river is brought to the field to water the crops. In places where there is not a lot of rain, farmer have to find a way to get the water to their fields. This is called “wet farming” and when they get the water from the river to their fields, it is called irrigation. Some people carry the water in buckets to their fields, but it is very hard work and not very efficient. Others, use machines like levers to get the water. Another way to get the water to the field, which is used in Egypt, is to wait for the river to flood, to that the river water would water the crops. This innovation was created around the 9000 BCE, which is also when the Fertile Crescent empire first developed. Irrigation changed people’s life because it made it easier to water the fields in countries where there is not a lot of rain.

Recording history was already been used for thousands and thousands of year, but writing, isn’t that old. Writing changed people’s life because it made it easier to communicate with people and record information. Recording history or information was already used by cavemen. First, they used sharpened stones to scratch the rocks, and then they started using a mixture of natural pigments and water. The first people who created writing were the Mesopotamians around 4000 BCE. Nobody is sure who invented...

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