How Different Social, Professional And Cultural Contexts May Affect Relationships And The Way People Communicate

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People from different social backgrounds may communicate in a more or less formal way than we are used to. While it is important to maintain a professional persona in our working lives it it sometimes important to modify our responses in order that others may feel more comfortable talking to us or feel more confident about our ability to do our job to a high standard. For example some people may feel uncomfortable talking to someone who is well spoken and uses an extensive vocabulary whilst others may doubt your ability if you use slang and simple vocabulary. People with social difficulties such as Asperger syndrome may not respond well to metaphors used as they take words literally and they have difficulty interpreting facial gestures and body language. It is important to be clear and understanding.
It is important to always maintain a level of professional distance from colleagues, parents and students. It is important not to “over-share” or become too friendly with students or...

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