How Different Was English Christianity In The Reign Of Elizabeth I (1558 1603) From That Of Roger Martyn (Born C.1527)?

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The core beliefs of English Christianity during the sixteenth century were the central ideas taught by Jesus Christ. ‘Humankind is inherently sinful, signifying estrangement from God’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.74). Christian belief indicates that in order to rectify the natural sins of man and gain salvation is through Baptism. ‘Concept of spiritual rebirth’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.87). This symbolic action, one of the seven sacraments, recognises that Jesus died for our sins and cleanses us of our prior sins. This belief is the foundation of twenty centuries of Christianity.
Yet, during the times of Roger Martyn (born c.1527), true faith in God was maintained through religious practices and traditions ...view middle of the document...

Equally important, the central conducts of Christianity were harmonised by the way Catholic Churches were adorned. ‘Church buildings provided not only the location for collective observance, but also visual inspiration’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.77). The visual relics such as gilded sculptures, high altars, painted boards, shews (what a shew is) and gilt tabernacles (what a tabernacle is), etc., were all used to help ‘visualise and understand Christian teachings’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.76). Such symbolic understandings were what captivated the population and helped maintain belief in the core teachings of Christianity.
Certainly, the eventual death of Henry VIII’s led to ‘radical religious changes’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.78). A branch of Christianity broke off during the dissent and the ‘Protestant order of service’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.78) was introduced by Cranmer who forced his drastic Protestant ideas into society. This was due to questions such as what it ‘meant to be religious?’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.74) and ‘What do Human beings actually have to do to secure forgiveness?’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.74) ‘Questions such as these lay at the heart of the conflicts that split the western Christian world during the Reformation’ (Wolffe, 2008, pg.75). Such questions caused Dissenters of the sixteenth century to support the Church of England in belief that it was engaged by God. Such denial was to violate Gods will. They no longer believed in the constitutional ideas of Christianity. Due to this, Protestants gained more influence and control and eventually led to the Church of England dividing. ...

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