How Disabilities Are Viewed In The United Kingdom

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Disabilities affect people globally. Depending on which country you are from, how you are treated and taken care of can change drastically. Those living in more advanced countries are more likely to have better care. For the purpose of this paper, I will be researching and comparing how people with disabilities are viewed and assisted between the United States and the United Kingdom.
Interest in Topic
For this “Adaptive Technology” class I had the option to choose one out of the eleven countries featured at Epcot of Disney World. I chose the United Kingdom for more personal reasons. First off, I have traveled to the United Kingdom and wanted to compare what the theme park features for its “World Showcase” to what the actual country is like. Secondly, I have seriously considered moving to the United Kingdom and since I plan on working with those with special needs, I figured that the research needed for this paper would give me a better insight to the country and its view on those with disabilities.
Personal Interview
To prepare for this paper I did a little bit research into the topic, but only enough to create an outline. I already knew I would have to interview someone from the United Kingdom in order to have a better personal opinion. During this class I had the opportunity to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While at Epcot I had a chance to talk to someone who was actually from the United Kingdom.
The person I got the chance to interview was a woman named Rachel. I started my interview with her by asking if she knew anybody personally with a disability. It was then that I found out she was actually blind in her left eye. I would have most likely never noticed if she did not point it out, but if you paid close attention you could see a slight difference between her right and left eye. When I asked if she knew if there was a law back in the United Kingdom in place to assist those with a disability, she said that there was but she could not think of the exact name. She then went into a story about how there was actually a girl that worked in the Canada part of the “World Showcase” that was in a wheelchair. The fact that Disney hires people with these types of disabilities was a pleasant surprise and inspiring. I also got to hear about how when she was in grade school how one of her classmates she grew up with was in a wheelchair. In response to if the features at Epcot were similar to what it is like back home, she replied by saying that the features were very good and made her feel home sick. I concur with this, as the details that Disney puts into their parks are very well done.
As the conversation continued, Rachel told me how most of the buildings were made to be wheelchair accessible back home. Towards the end of my interview I made sure to ask about the training that cast members at Disney World receive because I wanted to know if a part of their training included knowing how to respond and how to help those with...

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