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How Divorce Affects Children And Adults

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Having your parents go through divorce is tough and difficult. I would know because I know this feeling. The hardest decision is to choose who you want to live with. Just think how you would feel if you had to make that decision and then on top of that having to deal with school, relationships, friends, and sports. Keeping up on this stuff is tiring, it physically and mentally drains your energy. Divorce affects majority of kids that have gone through their parents getting a divorce they have more mental problems than kids and young adolescents but it also affects adults. Adults whose parents divorced when they were kids are more likely to consider suicide. Divorce can affect kids and adults, it’s a difficult situation that can physically and mentally damage them which can lead to bigger problems ahead of them in life.
The Effects of Divorce on Kids and Adults
Children that go through divorce suffer depression, learning difficulties, and other psychological problems more frequently than those of intact families. Which is why its important to listen or take care for your childs needs after a divorce. I want you to think of your youngest sibling and all the great memories you have with them and how much you love them. Now imagine all of that taken away forever and not being able to say goodbye. Well a little boy about six years old committed suicide in his kitchen. He took off his belt, tied it into a makeshift noose and hung himself from the freezer handle of the families refrigerator. His sister who was 13 found him 20 minutes later and was screaming and told her parents. They called 911 and did C.P.R. but it was too late the little boy was gone. Don’t you think you would be damaged from this somehow? A study that Judith Wallerstein did on 93 children that went through divorce found negative behaviors and expectations.
Damage from divorce is serious and lasting. Adults whose parents divorced when they were kids are more likely to consider suicide, according to University of Toronto study. 40-50% of all marriages end in divorce.The emotional breakup can leave you feeling loss, anger, anxiety, loneliness, it can also take a significant toll on your health. If you have depression problems this can lead to drinking and drugs. The side effects from drugs and alcohol aren’t good either. Statistics show that alcohol is the number one drug problem in the united states, it’s also a big problem in divorces. In the year 2012, the following top 10 countries with the highest divorce rates were Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Cayman Islands, United States, Bermuda, Cuba, Lithuania, and Czech Republic.
Life After a Divorce
Divorce can have a big impact on your life and can result in personality changes. Data measured by the Gallup Healthways well-being Index shows that divorced and separated americans well-being differs greatly from those who are married. A woman was divorced for two years and it took her mother to tell her that her personality had...

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