How Divorces Affect Children In Our Society? By: 4.0 Gpa Student.

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How divorces affect children in our society?. Families are divided everyday and the circumstances vary, but they still cause traumatic behavior toward those who are irate abouttheir families separating. It seems to be a dilemma for parents that no longer acquire each others' company to make choices about their marriage with animosity and revulsion toward one another. What about the children, and how does the divorce affect them?Between birth and the age of three, divorce is felt indirectly through the distress that is experienced by the custodial parent; usually the mother. If a mother who is parenting a baby or a toddler is feeling depressed about the breakup of her marriage, this depression will affect herrelationship with her child. Perhaps she might lack the energy and enthusiasm to ne actively involved with her child. The child may feel as though the parent is less interested in him or is rejecting him. If this occurs between birth and two years of age, the child may not establish that bond of trust with the mother that is essential for creating emotional stability. A child at this age is beginning to learn how to give love and receive love, two very important dynamics in any close relationship. If the bond is not established, and the child feels somewhat unattached and anxious about the lack of bonding, this may be transferred to other relationships as the child grows. It may be difficult for the child to have a close relationship with other adults, and also peers. In Teenage years, teenagers might perceive the departure of one parent as personal abandonment causing an exaggerated expectation of rejections in other relationships. This though could cause problems in social and dating relationships. Girls, for instance, might believe that most boys will reject them because they felt their father rejecting them when he left home. Their confusion about the nature of men might further be confused if their father left their mother and was known to be seeing another woman. This becomes even worst when there is more than one child. Two or more children in this situation may wonder will they have to separate also. And in some cases children do separate parents. Besides the negativity between the parents the children can be influenced by the animosity generated between the parents. Now they to perceive thoughts on one another, wondering who will get which parent. It is blatant that in situations of the parents having children, the boy goes with the father and the daughter goes with the mother. Eventually the children will take sides and this corrupts their relationship causing division amongst each other.In pre-adolescents stage, blame sometimes corrupts their thoughts and eventually the child perceives he/she may be the reason their parents separated. The fact that one parent leaves the home is more proof for the children that they have caused the breakup. Children see the parent leaving the home as leaving them rather than leaving the marriage. At...

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