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How Do Biological Weapons Work And How Do They Affect Human/Environment

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How do biological weapons work and how do they affect humans/environment?

A biological weapon is a disease, bacteria, germs, or microorganisms. Although back in the day the very first biological weapons were not bacteria or germs that were altered they were just contaminating the enemies resources to weaken them and to make them more vulnerable.(More Facts About Biological Weapons) These former forms of biological warfare were intended to just be a strategy to be able to win the war. Later on the biological weapons evolved and they soon became plagues. One of these incidents was in the 14th century plague pandemic were more than 25 million Europeans died. There was also an incident were ...view middle of the document...

They then produce a lot of swelling and massive bleeding inside the chest cavity. Then the germs can spread to the blood and they could lead to shock and blood poisoning which may cause death. The symptoms are that you could get headaches, tiredness, body aches and fever. Later on you start having trouble breathing, shortness of breath, blue skin, increased chest pain and a lot of sweating. Death may follow 24-36 hours later. To diagnose skin anthrax a biopsy is taken but for inhalation anthrax it is way harder you can have a chest X-ray done and it may show certain signs of the anthrax in your lungs.(E Medicine Health) Another biological warfare agent that could be used is cholera. Cholera is caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae. Cholera can normally infect water or food. The organism can last up to 24 hours in a sewage and as long as 6 weeks in certain types of relatively impure water containing organic matter. The disease causes the persons intestines to create massive fluids that then produces diarrhea. You can tell if you were infected because in approximately 12-72 hours you start having intestinal cramps and painless diarrhea. Including the diarrhea there is vomiting, feeling ill and headaches. To get treated your fluids and electrolytes need to get replaced because you body has lost a large amount of fluids. There are two oral vaccines that can prevent this disease but the CDC does not recommend their routine use.

Variola is the virus that cause the smallpox. Variola was an important cause of death and illness in the developing world until recent times. The last reported cases of Variola was in Somalia in 1997. Variola has a high death rate and a secondary spread. Variola can infect people for long periods of time it is...

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