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How Do Electronics Affect Our Lives In A Bad Way?

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Nearly everyone believes that electronics has made life easier and more comfortable and that it has enabled us to do tasks that we could not do. Electronics are very advanced technology in the world, while these advancements have brought new aspects of health, freedom and gratification. However, as with almost everything we human beings have created, it has also become a serious problem when concerning eyesight, health, stress, and causes children to become recluse and violent. The overuse of technology may interfere with a students’ ability to learn and attend lessons. Electronic devices are designed to save time and help people to be more efficient. However, it causes addiction, health, and behavior problems.
First, people are distracted and addicted to digital devices mainly because it saves time and it is more convenient. According to the NYU Child Study Center, playing too much video game may give children a difficult time on how to differentiate between reality and fantasy. (Roth)With the advanced technology, simple questions, and calculations are done for most people. Consequently, this saves time and effort, but it causes many people to become dependent on using electronics. Which can decrease their writing and reading skills, and to become isolated from society. Students who play with digital devices in school pay less attention to assignments and often ignore it. (Coen)The overuse of electronics has become a serious factor in suffering from grades.
Second, electronics are the main reason of causing health problems. In recent years, the widespread use of cell phones has led to increase concerns about possible health hazards, particularly brain cancer. Brain cancer is a disease in which cancer cells arise in the brain tissue; it can cause a serious problem and damage body systems. However, according to the National Cancer Institute, no serious problems about brain cancer has been determined to exist. Now, because of the overuse of electronics, teenagers are easily having vision syndrome (Thompson) and childhood obesity (Goess). Vision syndrome is a temporary condition by focusing the eyes on a computer display for long, uninterrupted periods of time. Childhood obesity is a condition where excess body fat negatively affects health or wellbeing. These are all serious problems for damaging health. Not to mention electronics also cause insomnia for people, making them want to use their phone every second instead of sleeping. Understanding these disadvantages can help people adjust their child’s...

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