How Do High School Students Relate And Connect With Glee?

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Have you ever gotten a chance to watch the show Glee? Glee starts of with the beginning of another school year; high school cheerleaders doing their routine and the jocks throwing a kid into a dumpster. (Pilot) I personally was not interested in the show at all. When I used to see previews of Glee during commercials I would immediately change it. I thought it would just be another show about high school students doing their musical performance but later, I decided to give the show a chance. After I watched “Glee” I realized I was wrong in thinking the show would have the same connection with The High School Musical Movies. I figured the show would be like the musical movies because of the fact that the movies and Glee have the same similarities. They both have the same high school background and musical performance. But Glee is different that The High School Musical Movies, Glee has more realistic drama like a real high school has such as pregnancy in the students, couples problem, jealousy and so on. While watching the pilot of Glee, I came across with the question, “Why do high schools students relate to the show Glee?” So I decided to pursue my question and research about how real high school students relate and connect with Glee.
Before I get started researching my question, I first needed to learn more about Glee. I went online to get information about Glee. I used the most common engine source, Google. I typed “Glee Reviews” on Google, and the first one that caught my attention was Entertainment Weekly. Ken Tucker writes, “It’s the show of Will (Matthew Morrison) a high school Spanish teacher who takes over a pathetic glee club filled with misfits.” (Entertainment Weekly 1). The information that Ken Tucker gave us about Glee was just the basic information on how the glee club got started again. The article really made me understand the story line behind the show. I understood the article summary view because it have us a great information, if we did not know what the show is about, it also talked about the ratings of the show. Glee has amazing ratings on television because of the really good reaction Glee got from their audience. It even has audiences that are not interested in musical shows, like me watching it. Glee is not you typical musical show because it does not revolve around the whole musical scenario part. That is why it attracts the audiences that are not into that type of musical genre. Because it enhance not only the musical part of the show but also it gets involved with the characters of the show.
Now that Glee club is back on track, we can now really see how the show expresses their humor by the glee club. Using humor in Glee can really make real high school students relate to the Glee students on the show. These are some examples on season one episode eight; when the jocks through slushies to the glee club members in the hall ways or the extremely germ freak counselor that cleans everything around her, and wears...

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