How Do New Technologies Face The Rapid Expansion Of The Electronic Data Storage?

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The term data can be defined as “numbers, characters, images or other method of recording, in a form which can be assessed by a human or input into a computer” (FOLDOC, 2007). It can be processed or stored for posterior use. The stored data are called historical data which are collected and amassed for potential future verification of events or as resources for further research. Two types of data storage are presented: paper and electronic. The former way is very costly, difficult to manage and even inefficient, especially when handling massive amounts of data, because it requires a constant human resource personnel training and a long time to organize and audit the data. The solution resides in using the electronic, or digital, data storage to overcome the difficulties of storing and managing the bulky amounts of data. At present, many emerging technologies for electronic data storage are available in order to face the rapid expansion of the electronic data storage by lowering the cost of the data management and offering a high availability of data, reducing the time of processing and storing the data, and enhancing the capacity of storage media.
The shift to digital systems for storage and management of electronic data has led to increasing the cost and complexity in archiving methods that require ongoing maintenance of the digital media. One of the emerging data storage technologies that make the process cheaper and easier for the customer is the cloud storage. “Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (typically the Internet)” (Techtarget, n.d.). Hosting companies administrate and operate large data centers, and people who need their data to be hosted purchase or rent storage capacity from these companies. According to the customer’s requirements, the resources are presented as storage pools, which the clients themselves can use to save their data. The use of the online data storage is intensely beneficial to the customer because this highly evolved technology requires neither installation nor physical attendance. Furthermore, the hosting companies provide backup and recovery systems to guarantee a high availability of the stored data. For instance, hosting companies keep redundant data files at different data centers in diverse regions to secure the stored data even after large-scale natural catastrophe (Wisegeek, 2014). Moreover, the resources, physically, may be extended over multiple servers in different sites, to which the customer has an easy remote access from any location or system having an Internet connection. On this account, the online data storage is of benefit to the hosting companies as well to the costumers. Actually, these companies can establish the data centers in offshore locations and take advantage of lower installation costs.
In addition to the cost, storage technologies can be distinguished by evaluating some main...

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