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How Do Our Fate Or Destiny Effect Our Lives? Some

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How do our fate or destiny effect our lives? Some of the people do not believe in fate or destiny. In Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles which was written in 1891, we see a young girl who becomes a fallen woman at the end. Tess is the victim of her destiny and also she makes wrong decisions. Her destiny takes her to the way which she suffers a lot.She makes her own fate and both of them make her a fallen woman in the society. Through the conflict between fate and destiny,Hardy wants to reveal the inevitable misery of the human beings. By using the elements of New Criticism, it can be said that there is a unification between fate and destiny which effect Tess' life. "The difference between destiny and fate is that is up to individual to make decisions on the path of the life,whereas with destiny a path has already been decided" .In that part, we will have a look at the affects of her destiny to her life. For understanding the novel, we have to make a deep analysis of Tess' character. She is the protogonist of the novel.The young daughter of a rural working class family at the start of the novel, Tess Durbeyfield is sent to claim kinship with the wealthier side of her family, the d'Urbervilles, when her family faces imminent poverty. Tess Durbeyfield comes from a lower class background, but she can effect a higher position because of her education. This fluidity of her class background will prove significant throughout the novel, for she can move from the upper to the lower classes. introduced as an innocent, malleable and pure. As a member of the May Day procession, adorned in white, she symbolizes purity and virginity, while her physical characteristics equally suggest her innocence. Alec is the son of the Mrs.Stoke D'Urberville. Tess meets him when she goes to find their relatives and ask for a job. After being seduced by Alec d'Urberville, she bears his child, which dies in infancy, and must leave her home to start a new life elsewhere. She goes to work in a diary and there she meets Angel who is the son of a parson. Angel is the man whom Tess feels in love with and then they get married. Although Tess is dutiful and obedient as the novel begins, she gains great strength and fortitude through her suffering, but remains unwavering in her love for Angel Clare and is prepared to do anything that Angel might wish. Her family is also important in her fall. Being the victim of her destiny begins with the death of their horse. They are not a rich family and they need the horse. Her family forces her to go and find the D'Urbervilles who are said to be their kins. Her family makes her believe that only Tess can help them and make her go and find their kins.So Tess goes and finds the D'Urbervilles . "Tess seems not really to be her parents's child.Despite a perfunctory attempt to establish traits which she shares especially with her mother, Hardy does not convince us that the sensitive,introspective,flower-like maiden owes...

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