How Do Paradigms Assist Managers To Think In Organizational Complexity And Transformation Way?

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Executive Summary (Shaheen)Recognize it or not, to organizational leaders, science matters. While names like Galileo, Newton, and Descartes do not routinely appear on lists of management gurus, scientists such as these have had a profound effect on management thinking, and thinking in general. Science shapes the way we view the world; providing metaphors that help us make sense of events, and thereby giving us a framework for acting to influence the future course of those events. Despite our attempts to control the machine of the modern organization, and despite the numerous, undeniable successes from the use of these machine-control techniques, it remains our common experience of the world that "stuff happens. This whole report is talking about how the managers can change their way of thinking from mechanistic thinking in a mechanical age to Complexity and Transformational way of thinking.1.0 IntroductionToday's organizations are looking to the New Science and quantum thinking which can change our structures and transform our thought patterns. Quantum thinking is vital to creative thinking and leadership, and the genuine transformation needed in organizations. The purpose of the information below is to clarify the nature of the four paradigms discussed in class. In this essay the researcher will be talking about the differences between the managers in the mechanical age with managers in the complex and turbulent world. The researchers will also talking about how the paradigms assist managers to think from the mechanical point of view to the appreciation of organizational complexity and transformation. The findings from this study can be made available to implement and assist in understanding control at various levels of an organization. An understanding of the relationship between wanted and expressed control and resistance to change could offer a step toward the exploration of ways that could assist managers to understand and adapt to the accelerated paces. The study has revealed a need to encourage continual individual and collective learning as an integral component in the design of self-renewing organizational climates that honor and make use of the total individual in successful organizations today and into the next century.2.0 Mechanical Age2.1 DefinitionAccording to Homay King mechanical age can be defines as required to characterize this age of ours by any single epithet, we should be tempted to call it, not an Heroical, Devotional, Philosophical, or Moral Age, but, above all others, the Mechanical Age. Carlyle said that it is the Age of Machinery, in every outward and inward sense of that word; the age which, with its whole undivided might, forwards, teaches and practices the great art of adapting means to ends. Nothing is now done directly, or by hand; all is by rule and calculated contrivance. For the simplest operation, some helps and accompaniments, some cunning abbreviating process is in readiness. Our old modes of exertion are all...

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