How Do Poets Explore The Subject Of Emotional Attachments To Different Things And People In Remember By Christina Rossetti, Once Upon A Time With

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During the long journey of life, we experience many events that create deep impressions and effects that make us have an emotional attachment to them. The poems all have evident recurring themes of emotional attachment, whether it is to an object, a person or an idea. The selected poems comprises of distinctive features in which the persona is attached to their memory of the mother like DH Lawrence, while another such as Christina Rossetti wishes to be remembered by her lover. All the poems use imagery to express emotions, ranging from very aloof emotions, to the feeling of safety and comfort.

Remember, a sonnet written by Christina Rossetti. The octave focuses on the topic of remembering ...view middle of the document...

Remember also exhibits a tone of melancholy to the whole poem, in particular the phrase “You tell me of our future that you planned.” The use of “our future” implies the close relationship with the persona’s lover and her attachment towards him. The poem also adopts a regretful mood, as the persona is nostalgic towards her lover. The constant mention of the future implies the theme of attachment, making the separation by death more difficult to face. However, the poem contrast as the persona suddenly changes her point of view and would rather her lover forget her than feel miserable. This is seen by the phrase “Better by far you should forget and smile/Than that you should remember and be sad/” at the end of the sonnet. This is an ironic idea as the poem repeatedly communicates her desire of her lover the remembering the persona, even after death, as an eternal attachment to her. The persona’s mood is very acceptant of losing her attachment to her lover as she sacrifices her love at the end of the sonnet.

On the other hand, Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas illustrates a persona who urged his father to never surrender to death. The poem is centred on the theme of attachment to the materialistic world and the persona’s attachment to his father; however the topic of fighting against death contrasts the theme presented in Rossetti’s Remember. Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night adopts the structure of a villanelle, which is used to express the persona’s plead towards his father to fight against death. This shows the persona’s attachment to his father, as he doesn’t want the death of his father. The repetition of the last lines, which alternates in each stanza “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” and “Do not go gentle into that good night” is most likely a phrase repeated to the persona’s father, to remind the him to fight death. The close attachment between father and son, assuming the persona is the son, is seen in the strong will and determination of the persona. The tone contrasts Remember, as it is very adamant of not going “gentle into that good night” as opposed of the persona’s acceptance towards death in Remember.

Furthermore, Once Upon A Time, written by Gabriel Okara, is not very accepting of his present personality and is attached to his former self. The theme of attachment to his old attitude is stated in the last two stanzas, as he hopes his son can reteach him how to be “human” again. Abundant use of punctuation and no rhyming is used to establish a slow and steady rhythm to emphasize on the sorrowful mood of nostalgia. Once Upon a Time also uses imagery to convey the negative feelings of the persona to the reader. Gabriel Okara indicated the callousness of people with “ice-block-cold eyes” who “search my empty pockets”. This implies the manipulative and deceitful behaviour of others that he has interacted with. He also uses the simile “like a snake’s bare fangs” to create a mood of deceitfulness and...

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