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How Do Raccoons Adapt? Essay

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The ecosystem consists of communities with different populations of species. Each diverse animal in the ecosystem has a unique way of surviving the abiotic and biotic factors in the environment through its traits; behavioral traits, morphological traits and physiological traits. Some of its traits prevent these organisms from predation, and others allows organism to survive when temperature are too high or too low. The strategy to survival depends on the animal. Let’s talk about the Procyon lotor also known by the name raccoon (Source 2).
Raccoon are nocturnal; which means they sleep in the day and are awake at night. They are also omnivore, which means plants and animals. Some ...view middle of the document...

A raccoon in the cities would go into trash cans, people’s attics and go into trees for warmth during the winter. The raccoons would go to the park in the winter to prey on insects and eat eggs that were laid by birds. Another method would be going through the trash can to find left overs of the humans’ food. Also, if the citizens are polite in the neighborhood, people would leave out food for them to eat.
There is also a mechanism called the negative feedback loop. Negative feedback loop is “primary mechanism of homeostasis, whereby a change in a physiological variable triggers a response that triggers a response that counteracts the initial change.” When humans are cold in the winter, the brain turns on the warming mechanism, next the blood vessel contract so there is less hot body heat being loss and the skeletal muscles contract; as we shiver we generate heat until the body temperature is back to normal. In the summers, a signal is sent to the brain saying that it is hot outside, the brain receives a signal, then sends a signal to the sweat glands to evaporate water and a signal to the blood vessels to dilate so that body heat is loss until the body temperature is back to normal (text book).
Raccoons would adjust their behavior according to the environment. Raccoons in the wildlife are more aggressive then the raccoons in the cities. In wildlife, there are more predators and competition compare to the lives of raccoons in the city. Raccoon s that live in forest have to watch out for coyotes, cougars and bobcats. The raccoons in the wildlife are more likely to fight back with their predators. Raccoons in the city have to watch out for humans, cars and other machinery. Also, in the wildlife there is more competition than there is in the cities. Competition, meaning the raccoons in the wildlife have to fight for their food because in the wildlife it there are limited resources for survival, while in the city there is less competition. For example; if a raccoon occupied a trash can, another raccoon could go to another trash can and look for food. In the wildlife, the raccoons are less likely to share food...

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