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How Do Teachers Apply The Second Language Acquisition Approaches?

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Now days it is essential to acquire a second language which let people interact with other cultures, in a global world, as it is known, there are different approaches related to a second language acquisition, but how are they practiced in a real classroom? To get a general idea which can potentially clarify this question, two classes were exanimated to compare and contrast theory and practice.

Here the descriptions and results:
First of all, they were public primary schools. The first one made of a small classroom of 30 fourth graders ages 9 and 10 years old were tested for 50 minutes. The second one integrated 32 sixth graders between 11 and 12 years old in a medium classroom and it ...view middle of the document...

They started, modelled and directed the activities and the students were the receivers, however, they were active due to mime; other drills were included especially in the first class. Furthermore there were teacher-student interactions.
I could appreciate that in the first class the context was based on asking for help and giving directions. While in the second class the context was clearly centered on responding invitations.
One and the other started with greetings and common questions.
In the first class the teacher used techniques such as memorization, rote learning, translation and mimic. He began making a review of vocabulary taught previously ( Places, prepositions of place, and questions such as Do you need help, What can I do for you? How can I get to the…? ) all this vocabulary through questions “How do you say (word in Spanish) in English” and the students answered. Then, he gave the instructions to review some vocabulary with mimic, later organized some games on the board with the concepts of prepositions. Furthermore he wrote some exercises on the board and asked students to copy them and after that revised the notebooks. It is noteworthy than all the instructions and activities were in English and then translated into Spanish.

In the second class the techniques applied were rote learning, mimic, demonstration using realia, flashcards and mechanical and meaningful drills. The teachers started by presenting new vocabulary using some flashcards, these words were memorized by rote learning. Next, the teacher showed and read an invitation, immediately the teacher gave some examples of expressions to respond it. Afterward, the students repeated the phrases many times (choral and individual repetition). Later, the teacher organized some games on the board, and finally the students did some drills.
Both methods involved the board, markers, flashcards and a type of posters, but in the...

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