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How Do These Arrangements Work To Concentrate Power In Each Country, And How Do They Work To Disperse Power? Essay

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This essay will compare and contrast the political institutional arrangements from Colombia and New Zealand. Then this essay will explain how these arrangements work to postulate power in these countries. Finally, this essay will clarify how these political arrangements effort to disperse power. Between, New Zealand and Colombia exist a huge difference in development, for instance, New Zealand is a developed country while Colombia is developing country. However, this essay will analyse three political arrangements; the Legislature, The Executive and Judiciary.

New Zealand and Colombia have some similarities and differences in legislature system. But, what legislature means? According to Patrick, H defined “legislature is the body in which national politics is considered and debated”[footnoteRef:1]. Comparing New Zealand’s Legislature and Colombia’s Legislature, there are different system of power or rules. New Zealand’s Legislature are conformed by three different of powers; parliament, queen in parliament and house of representative that each one has specific responsibilities. [1: O’Neil, P, p.149]

The first part is related with legislature system.

New Zealand’s legislature
Examine, debate and vote on Bills, which are then assented to by the Governor General and became Acts
· Parliament: Parliament makes laws and hold the Government to account for its policies and spending[footnoteRef:2] [2: New Zealand Parliament. Role of Parliament. New Zealand Government. ]

· Queen in Parliament: for Royal Assent
· House of representatives: The Speaker, Represented by

Governor-General: The governor- General represents the Queen in New Zealand. There are three main roles:
Symbolic: National unity and leadership

· Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1947

Colombia’s Legislature

· Congress:
1. Senate:
Senate is...

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