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How Do Video Games Affect People?

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Video games have evolved tremendously since they were released in the early 50’s. The 2D ping pong has evolved into 3D virtual realities that immerse us into another world. There are different genres of games, but the one we’re going to focus on is the action genre. These games are known for their violent content and graphic nature. These games promote harming other individuals to beat the game. Violent video games influence people to behave violently, desensitizes people to violence and makes them see the world as a violent place, and it causes people to act aggressively when interacting with others.
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In violent video games, most of the time violent acts either go unpunished or are rewarded in some sort of point system. This repetitive teaching shows gamers that it is good to perform these violent acts. Thus, they may apply this method to real life and try to become the character.
Once you watch some perform actions, you then try to imitate that same process. You practice that action over and over until it becomes ingrained in your memory. Afterwards, you feel adept and start doing this action. Repetition is a very dangerous weapon. “Repetition of behaviors establishes them in memory, increases skill and automates them as learned responses,” (Gentile & Gentile 71). “Violent video games are much more repetitive than other forms of violent media and more often involve the repetition of complete behavioral sequences,” (Gentile et al 71). A behavioral sequence is a way to act in a situation. Gamers perform the same actions and receive the same rewards repeatedly and these become committed to memory. (Anderson & Warburton 71) This repetitive teaching is the perfect vessel for learning aggressive attitudes and scripts for behavior (Anderson & Warburton 71). Interaction plays a key part in this teaching. Interaction requires attention and helps a person to remember everything that is relevant to a task (Gentile...

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