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How Do We Say Our Last Good Byes In Mexico And In India

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To celebrate death could sound bizarre, but in Mexico and in India celebrating death is part of the culture, religion, customs and our own beliefs. However, there are some differences between Indian Hindus and Mexican Christians as well as similarities between both countries and religions. Cooking their favorite meals on their deceased loved ones birthday, and anniversaries, is just one example of similarities they both have. Jumpa Lahiri describes that Gogol and his family prepared Ashoke’s favorite meal (Gogol’s father) on his first death anniversary (Namesake, Chapter 7).
First, Customs in India and in Mexico have differences in what to wear on the day their deceased loved ones death. In an article in Hindus in India “wear white and simple clothes if the deceased is an older or senior male,” “and married women tend to wear new pink or red saris which are consider auspicious colors.” “White is considered appropriate in many cultures to symbolize purity, as well as, in some religions, oneness with God or eternal life others”. ( .) In the book Namesake on chapter 7, Gogol and his family had a mourning period that lasts 11 days. In contrast, Mexican Christians male and women dress in black during the wake “Velorio” in Spanish. According to Amanda Mitchell, “the velorio is a chance for everyone to say their last goodbyes to the deceased and offer their condolences to the immediate family.” Amanda also expresses “open casket allows a last time to say goodbye to the bodily vessel of their loved one.” The mourning period in Mexico is called the “novenario.” After the burial, the intermediate family and friends will decide where to pray for nine days. After the “Rosario” the family provides refreshments.
Second, Indian Hindu funerals are different than Mexican Christians funerals. Hindus usually cremate dead bodies. According to Lobar, Sandra , JoAnne Youngblut, and Dorothy Brooten ,”when a Hindu dies his or her body is massaged, bathed in oils and dressed in new clothes, then is cremated; this will transited easier the soul from this world to the next” (Clements et al.,2003;spector,2000). But Sarah Rogers says that there are some exceptions “like young children who are left to float in the Ganges River because it’s a sacred river.” Sarah also says that “male relatives carry the body to cremation grounds; also the funeral pyre is made of stacks of wood”. It is known that after the cremation the males’ relatives of the deceases’ will gather the ashes and throw them in water, most commonly in the Ganges River. Like in Namesake, Gogol and his family traveled to the Ganges River to scatter his father’s ashes (p188). On the other hand, Mexican Christians are not cremated, and usually their funeral is in...

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