How Do You Imagine Heaven? Essay

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Have you ever watched “Tom and Jerry” when you were young? There was one episode I saw when I was young is called “Heaven Pass”. That Tom is in a dream he tried to gets into heaven, because his whole life was trying to kill Jerry, therefore he could not get in. The only way was to get Jerry sign the forgive Tom certificate then he would be able to get in. From them on I started to imagine where I would go when I die? What heaven look like?
One sunny day, I was sitting on a swing branch steering at a sport of sun light. My mind wanders off to a place high up from the sky above the cloud. There was a golden staircase with red carpet on top. The staircase seem endless to me there was no end it was so long that I can only see light coming out at the side. Suddenly, there was a fairy in front of me she was wearing a light blue dress and blue typical fairy shoes that has a pointy curl on the tip. She had a long blond straight hair with beautiful bright blue eyes and a pointy nose too. She sat on my shoulder smell like cotton candy for some reason and led me the way. I could not remember our conversation, but we talked the time seem went by faster. We were there I saw a golden gate with vine and flowers on top and beside there were lots of fairy playing. The fairy who led me told me; “Here is the place you need to go” slowly I walked in front of the gate. There was an angle opening the gate for me and welcome me. She was wearing a Greek white dress with wings behind but did not have any face show feature, she has a soft voice but the language that we talk in is not able to describe or said in life; but I understand her. It is like they had their own language that everybody can understand and said. She brought me and showed me around ,last she has to bring me the top of the mountain to see God.
As I walked around, I can see there is a lot of different color there were the color form earth but also there are some that I ever see before. It seem like there is not a lot of different form down the earth. There is no...

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