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How Do You Know Me? Essay

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We all wonder our whole lives about the day we die. How is it going to happen? When is it going to happen? But what do you do when it's already happened? When you can't question it anymore. When you're stuck, maybe for eternity, maybe not. I never asked myself these questions. Although, I never thought I would be some ghost either. I guess that's what I am now? A ghost?

I still felt like this was all just a weird dream and that I was going to wake up at any minute. But at the same time I knew I wasn't. I might be stuck here like this for forever and it was all because of Amy. If it weren't for her I would've been home safe by now.

My mind wondered back to Jace and what happened between us. Thinking about that only made this whole situation worse though, I mean, I would never be able to do any of that again.

The thought brought tears to my eyes. I pulled my knees to my chest and looked around at my surroundings. Still no one had come for me, or my body rather. I had been sitting in the woods for hours. In fact, it was dark out now. Maybe no one realized I was missing yet. Either way I wasn't leaving my body. Even though everything inside me was telling me to go back home and see if things are okay. Maybe go to Jace's house to see if he's wondering why I haven't texted or called back yet.

I sat there, next to my own body, for hours just waiting for someone to find me. But no one did. It was early morning now and I was starting to lose hope that anyone was even thinking about me. I know I'm probably over exaggerating, but isn't the woods the first place people look? And it's not like I had gone very far into the woods. The thought that maybe no one had cared to look for me yet scared me. Even if I was already dead.

It had been another 3 hours or so and I was starting to become restless. I started pacing and talking to myself. "They're not going to find me, they aren't even looking for me! They won't ever know what happened to me!" I fell to my knees, continuing my rant as if someone were listening.

"Skylar!" I heard someone shout my name. That persons voice was the best thing I had ever heard. It meant that my body would be found and everyone would know what had happened.

"Over here!" I cried.

"Sky!" A different voice called.

I looked down at myself, contemplating leaving and going towards the voices or staying until they got to me. I weighed my pros and cons and decided to go to them, hoping that maybe I could guide them back here.

I started running towards the two voices I heard, praying that they weren't going the wrong way. When I finally got there I saw that they weren't. I half expected them to see me and be relieved that they found me, but they didn't see me. They continued calling out my name as if I weren't there, because to them I wasn't.

"We've been at this for two hours now." Some kid not even fourteen said.

"Your point?" asked the boys friends, maybe brother....

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