How Does Aid Work As A Security Tool For Donor Countries?

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Helping other countries and providing them aid is essentially generous gesture which can strengthen ties between countries where all included parties can seek some benefits to themselves. Donor countries use aid as tool not only to help other countries, brighten their image and achieve some benefits from helping, such as recourses, but also to provide security to themselves. But gaining security isn’t that simple, there are people who may get hurt and mostly they are aid workers who just try to help others.
Using aid to help others and help to promote developed world there is an ability to promote local and international security, what is important not only for developing countries, which don’t need any obstacles which could derange newly formed order, but also to developed countries which need stabile international order to predict international future events. Security don’t need to be always connected with army and force it can be gained with properly managed aid, which can be used to drawn divided communities together, foster collective goals and strengthen local interests that support peace. Aid workers can actively work to balance power between social groups so they can make more peaceful environment to work in and to promote security not only in developing countries area but also in developed countries area, because then developed country has got free from external enemy. If once security was promoted using force then nowadays using aid to gain security is connected mostly by using institutional reforms, development of economic, complex programmes and state reconstruction.
Whenever some topic that alarm wide amount of people get popular and a lot of parties start to involve to resolve problem, politicians start to get busy and show their interest in solving the problem. When politicians get involved aid aim and structure starts to change there start to happen politicization of aid. Donor governments start to play bigger role in giving the aid and deciding other aspects that’s connected with aid flow. Politicization of aid create situation that aid agencies and donor governments should be able to work together in a more direct and integrated way then in the past, because they share the same ultimate aim of peace and stability. That kind of collaboration attracts not only other donor governments but also multilateral bodies, NGOs and UN agencies.
If donor countries want to promote security using aid, they need to count on human recourses tat they have and also donor countries need to understand that in those areas where help is needed may happen attacks and other kind of riots. In case of riots there are unfortunately victims, and mostly they are aid workers. There is growing evidence that aid workers are increasingly the deliberate targets of violence. Mostly they get deathly injuries or get kidnapped or murdered. They get hurt because they are the ones who are in area where riots are happening, because they are trying to help...

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