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How Does China's Fascist Style Government Help/Impede Economic Growth And The Well Being Of Its Subjects?

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Politics grows out of civil society and culture. A political system is not an artificial structure that can be imposed willy-nilly anywhere at anytime. Look how long Russia's "democracy" lasted. It only took ten years for the Czar to reappear, and by popular demand. This doesn't mean political systems can never change; however, the people have to actually want a democracy in the first place. Do Chinese want a democracy? If one says "yes," it is claimed one simply knows nothing about China or Chinese culture. China won't have a democracy anytime soon for the same reason Iraq won't: culture. You can get rid of the CCP tomorrow, hold elections tomorrow and then call me in 10 years, and we'll discuss how the next emperor is getting along.Many assert that China's main problem is the utter destruction of Chinese civil society (during the Cultural Revolution for starters), which China has not recovered from. The society is cynical, apathetic, and corrupt. This is a much deeper problem than the CCP (which caused this problem). The CCP today is a symptom as much as a cause.Let us go back to the fundamental question, why do we care if a system is democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, feudalism, etc etc etc. From an engineering point of view, all those different gov't systems are just different methods and styles to manage a nation, right? And the way to judge which system is good/bad is to see if it maintains good economic development, makes people's living standards high (food, transportation, housing, infrastructure, health care, clothing, etc etc), and make people feel happy and live long and make the country "well-off" as a whole.What if a dictatorship delivers those things well, and overall delivers them better than a democracy? Would you say "I don't care! I want a democracy, even if that means people starve to death and live miserably! Why? Because it's democracy, and it's the most glorious thing in the world!". If you say that, then you are adopting the mind-set of "form over substance", "slogan over policy".Now you say, but CCP produced GLF and CR! Clearly, they are bad for the people! Well, yes, that's why the current CCP is careful not to repeat those things and has drastically changed their style. In addition, if you look at the results, clearly the CCP has delivered better than many democracies in the world in the past few decades. At the end of the day, we don't care what "form" something takes, as long as it delivers it goods, right? So, if CCP delivers the goods, then what's the problem?Now you may say, "The problem is that people don't have free press! they cannot criticize the govt! They cannot march on the streets!, etc etc!". Well again, back to the fundamental question, why do we need to give people the rights to do that? Is it because God told us we have to (God-given rights)? Well I don't believe in God, so clearly that argument is false. So why? Is there some biological proof that people MUST be able to march on the streets and have an...

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