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How Does Bruce Bonafede Demonstrate The Different Ways In Which The Characters Of This Modern Drama Develop The Courage To Compromise Their Happin

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Everybody wants to be the best. However, how can we be the best when all we look at is personal desire? In order to succeed in the society we live in, as individuals, it is necessary that we learn to compromise our happiness in certain situations. We all urge to succeed and strive to win. But success, comes with sacrifices. Success means, giving up and compromising your happiness for what’s right. In “Advice to the Players”, Bruce Bonafede demonstrates this concept in the lives of the characters of his play. He displays that the idea of conforming, is in an individual’s best interest, even if at times it is a hard decision to make. Not everybody has enough courage to compromise their ...view middle of the document...

In this text, the characters at many occasions refer to their families back at home. The characters of this text, both Robert and Oliver choose to compromise their happiness in various situations in order to protect their loved ones. Robert’s love for his family is evidently seen when he states “What about our families? How will Oliver support his Lisa and their little ones? You’ve met my father. Can he work? How will I care for them and my mother? It isn’t just us.” We see Robert’s emotions being put into his words. In the last line when he says “it isn’t just us” the reader is touched by the emotions evident in these lines, and is amazed at the sacrifices the characters are willing to give for their families. He has compromised his time as well as his desires to earn and provide for his family. Bruce Bonafede, has showed the reader, that these two characters have given up personal desires for those who they love. We see in this example that Robert is ready to give up all he is able to for the love of his family. His family is at stake and he realizes his responsibilities, he does not even look at personal desire at this point. It is very significant that when we have family or loved ones depending on us, it is very hard to balance personal desire. Which is why we must in these situations compromise our happiness for those who we care about. Being able to compromise ones happiness is the safest option to protect family and friends, which we see at various occasions of this text.
As we all know, it is better to be safe than sorry. Throughout this text, Bruce Bonafede demonstrates how individuals, sometimes make smarter choices than others. Mr. Bonafede displays to his audience, through the characters emotions that compromising your happiness, also develops the idea of security. Compromising your happiness is the safer choice than taking the risk. Those times when we make risky choices are when we choose personal desires over what is right. For instance, an event we can look at in this text is when Robert decided to let personal desire win over himself and he is imprisoned due to his involvement at the council. The prison guards, respond to Roberts’s actions being powerless, as Robert held a dead man’s body and was expressing his freedom of choice. Robert himself, admits to this when he states “Whatever happened would be because of the choice I made.” Robert takes a very big risk here and puts many others at risk as well. The safer option would be, to not let his personal desires take over and instead, compromise to do what is right. Not only is compromising necessary in a family situation as well as the safer option, but moreover, it is also the beneficial choice for individuals.
We see that in...

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