How Does Color Effect Us? Essay

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Color make people feel and think different things. Does red make you alarmed or passionate? Do you know why it makes you feel that way?

According to the main idea of this subject is to show that color and mood are linked. Red can make you feel anger, fear or passion. Blue can make you feel calm. Green is a relaxing color usually because of how green is associated with nature. Black is the color of power and authority. As most brides wear white on their wedding day to show purity. Just as doctors and nurses wear white to show sterility. When you see different colors it affects your body in several different ways. In conclusion huffington post says that seeing certain colors make your emotions different. Or show different things.

Another idea by Kendra Cherry is How color impacts moods, feelings, and behaviors. Colors are categorized by something called warm colors and cool colors. The warm colors are red, orange, and yellow. Cool colors are blue, purple, and green. Basically why they are called warm and cool is because those colors all are in the same end of the color wheel. Just like certain colors could affect your performance. For example seeing or wearing red before a examine could possibly make you fail. In conclusion Kendra cherry says color can affect your preferences and how well you perform a certain activity.

A third writer, Susan Minamyer states that in addition to how color affects us mentally it also stimulates your body. The color red increases your heart rate as well as brain wave activity. Pink is a tranquilizing color. According to even color blind are tranquilzed by the color pink. Blue tends to slow down your heart rate and ease your nerves. Yellow is generally a cheery color and can be a pick me up, well research shows that babies tend to cry more in a yellow room. As well as couples tend to argue more in a yellow room. See if you look at yellow too long your eyes get irritated, which can cause headaches and discomfort. The third author concludes that color can make your heart, brain, and mood do different things just by the color that has been seen.

A fourth source states that how people see color is highly scientific and certian colors make us feel different ways. Have you noticed that when your drive down the road you see many different color signs for fast food restaurants. Thats because certain colors make you hungry. Red and yellow have shown to make people hungry. So for example Mcdonalds has the red and yellow golden arches. They picked the to colors that make you the hungriest to use for their logo. “Every single fast-food company uses red and yellow,” says Leanne Venier, artist and trained color therapist who lectures about the use of color at major medical centers. Red speeds up your actions, making you order, eat and leave quickly. This author concludes that studies have shown how color affects our central nervous system, stimulates moods, and affects...

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