How Does Society Shape Our Personal Values?

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How does society shape our personal values?
Society shapes our values by the roles in which we play. It has positioned itself to determine what is moral or ethical. Because our culture has a dominant belief, it forces the majority or the mainstream to accept what is or is not moral or ethical. We often find that our perceptions are dictated by the mainstream; therefore, our thoughts are influenced by what others do.
Since the nuclear family is the original role model in society, they are foreseen as having the most influential roles; they are responsible for raising young men and women to understand and model what is believed to be moral and ethical. With such responsibility parents especially are crucified for the outcome of their children; if children are raised with good moral and ethical standards, they are considered honorable in society with a partial credit given to society itself; however, if they are sociopaths, immoral and unethical, the parents receive ridicule for their parenting style. We recognized that social learning play a significant role in adapting, and since it is the biggest influence in our society, it dictates and evaluates what is important to our personal values. If our personal values allow us to be adaptive, it presents the capability for us to desire change. People have to be accepting to change because of the different contexts that are included in our personal values.
In addition, society also looks at other institutions such as the educational system and the media. For example, society uses the influences of the media to help glorify what should be valued as moral or immoral. The younger generation per se, is heavily persuaded by the media; if children do not have a lucid set of personal values, the media can easily discredit any positive influences the nuclear family have established. This will most likely bring challenges that will disrupt healthy daily living, making it more complicated to find a middle ground. Our moral code helps us in the way we make decision on a daily basis by guiding us to participate in actions that meets the standards of which we hold ourselves.
Why isn’t it sufficient for societies to be ethical?
Ethics are established values of acceptable right behavior. Ethical lifestyles pursue the ideal principle of the broad-spectrum and enduring value, which brings out the best from others. It is not sufficient for societies to be ethical because being ethical is based on our fundamental principles. There is no penalty for violating basic principle. The penalties and the boundaries of the law helps maintain balance; our general principles can be easily be corrupted by our emotions, ignorance, and violence. The laws influence our character; they also form a barrier around it. Our basic human nature is like that of animals, doing what’s necessary to survive. Without laws we would relapse into our animal instincts kicks in not survival mode. Society is created by having...

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