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How Does Computer Processing Compare To Human Thinking?

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How does Computer processing compare to Human thinking?
Have you ever wondered how computers process information as opposed to how the human brain does so? Are they actually “thinking” like a human or are they just organizing data? Can computers learn or even learn on their own? As a human race, we have thousands upon thousands of questions that we wish we could ask computers! Computers in the 21st century are becoming more and more advanced and we wonder, will they ever take over humanity? Will they ever be able to function like humans? What about experience feelings? At this point we don’t know, but some day we might find out. The way computers process information, and the way humans ...view middle of the document...

Next, Watson’s victory was a very significant achievement in the artificial intelligence community. It showed that people could program computers to learn, communicate, calculate data, and etc. all on their own. People felt both ways about the achievement. Some people were dumbfounded by the technology, others not so much. For example, in Baker’s article Watson Is Far From Elementary, he states, “Watson doesn’t “know” anything, experts say. It doesn’t laugh at jokes, cannot carry on a conversation, has no sense of self, and commits bloopers no human would consider. (Toronto, a U.S. city?) What’s more, it’s horribly inefficient, requiring a roomful of computers to match what we carry between our ears. And it probably would not have won without its inhuman speed on the buzzer.” What Baker is trying to say is that Watson cannot act like a real human. Watson has no sense of self, he cannot think, laugh at jokes, or carry a conversation. He [Watson] isn’t a human and shows no signs of human understanding. Stanley Fish states in his article that his computer has “…a program that directs it to finish words before I do by “consulting” a data base of words I have used that begin with the letters I have already typed.” Fish is saying that without these programs or instructions, the computers would be nothing. They would serve no purpose to the human intelligence nor would they assist people in daily life as they do now. Watson was programmed to do one task and that’s what he excelled at, but on the other hand he can’t perform normal human functions.
Additionally, John Searle and Stanley Fish feel somewhat the same about the idea that computers cannot think. Searle states in his article, “And if I do not, neither does any digital computer, because no computer, qua computer, has anything I do not have. It has stocks of symbols, rules for manipulating symbols, a system that allows it to rapidly transition from zeros to ones, and the ability to process inputs and outputs. That is it. There is nothing else.” By this, Searle is trying to tell the reader that computers don’t have anything more than humans do. Computers have rules to manipulate, translate, and process symbols, but that is...

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