How Does David Fincher Project Masculinity And Gender Identity In His Films? Paper

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Grammy, BAFTA and golden globe awarded American director David Fincher has been the mastermind behind some of the biggest films of the past few decades; Fight Club, Zodiac, Panic Room, Se7en, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo- just to name a few. He is notoriously known for his beautifully shot scenes and, as quoted by Robbie Collin (online telegraph writer), “Fincher’s work doesn’t just stay with you. It clings.” He makes big, Friday-night movies, but each one is laced with Monday-morning dread which is what makes his films so memorable. Despite his first film Alien 3 making him a lot of money, it was mostly unloved, especially by him. I believe this pushed him to make every film a loved creation by not only him but film lovers, which has been reflected by every film since and has won him unanimous acceptance across the industry. Also, he does not disclose all of the information to his viewers as he adapts a certain visual style and editing rhythm that creates the illusion of suspense. He has the ability to indulge his viewers within the illusion of the film and makes sure that it has a long-lasting effect on the viewer.
Fight Club expresses the discomfort of white, heterosexual men in today’s society which values material possession over individual identity. We see that protagonist Jack experiences the consumerism of society while he is struggling with insomnia (created by the addiction to materialistic items in his apartment) through the sequence are fast-paced close-ups of popular items such as Starbucks cups, Crispy Kreme Doughnuts and moreover a shot of his American dollars. This focus upon materialism, suggests a masculinity dealing with the feminine love of shopping coupled with the anonymity that American city dwelling brings. Memorable close ups of stickers bearing “Hello. My name is _____”, evoke a response of loss of direction and identity within the audience. The anonymity and IKEA-catalogue based sequences we see Jack experience in his hallucinations are also a possible schizophrenic embodiment of this lack of any true identity. Furthermore, the theme of gender confusion is embodied...

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