How Does Education Affect The Economy Of Hong Kong And Kenya?

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Education has become a more popular topic since ‘The Universal of Declaration of human rights’ has been established by United Nations. People care about education more and consider that as a factor that affect other areas, like economy. Speaking of economy, I defined it as the blood of a country because blood is so important to people’s health and no one can survive without that, and so does the role of economy acts in a country. Besides, the economic condition, which means how well functioning the economic system is, can also reflect how ‘healthy’ a country is, determine whether or not it is a powerful country. Therefore, in order to enhance the country’s strength, some of the citizens and governments think about the ways to boost their economy all the time. I, as an ordinary citizen, want to contribute some of my idea as well. Therefore, I come up with the question ‘does education and economy have some sort of relationship?’ and ‘how does education affect the economy?’ To figure it out, I minimize my topic area to Hong Kong and Kenya, and finding the answer of my question by analyzing and comparing the educational system and economic condition in those two countries.

I choose Kenya as my global perspective case study. Kenya uses a special educational system called the 8-4-4 system, which was launched in 1985. This basically means that they set eight years of elementary education, four years of secondary education and four years of university education. (Maps of World) However, according to the UNICEF data center, the elementary school male enrolment ratio from 2008 to 2011 is 84%, female enrolment ratio during the same years is 85%. During the same year period, the research shows that the secondary school enrollment ratio for male is only 52%, female is 48%. (UNICEF) From these data, we can see that the elementary enrollment in Kenya is not good enough, and secondary enrollment is even less and this may be caused by lack of facilities and qualified teachers, because according to a research, the Kenya Government only spent 17.5% on education of their national budget in 2011. (Kimenyi) This lack of money, therefore, causes not much schools can be built, not much teachers can be trained and not enough teaching equipment, the poor physical condition in classrooms. Because the demand is high but supply is too little, schools have to limit the number of enrolled students by increasing the tuition fee. Therefore, going to school is less affordable for most of families so that children become victims and lose the chance of getting education. However, does this affect the economic situation in Kenya? After my investigation, I find the relationship between them. According to the information given by UNICEF, from 2006 to 2011, there is 43% of the population in Kenya still lives below international poverty line, which is US$1. 25 everyday. Moreover, ridiculously, from 1990 to 2011, the average annual growth rate of GDP is 0% in Kenya. (UNISEF) Government...

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