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How Does Geometry Convey Beauty Through The Pyramids Of Giza?

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How does Geometry convey beauty through the Pyramids of Giza?
The creation of the Pyramids of Giza have a huge impact in the architectural and mathematical world, that lies within the use of geometric shapes that conceal symbolism and precise measurements deep within its foundation, which is reflected in its spiritual and physical beauty. Amongst all the aspects that the pyramids reflect, there is one in particular that is not always seen by viewers, which is the symbolism and reflection of Egyptian beliefs through the shape; or the spiritual beauty. In addition, the shapes in the structure contain the Golden Ratio, which is believed to have been used in other aesthetically appealing structures and/or objects. Precision was also contributed into the making of the pyramids to have accuracy and ideal appearance.
One of the reasons the Pyramids of Giza is considered to be beautiful is because the shape itself expresses significant meanings and values. The king was also buried there to be worshipped along with avoiding the disturbances of the world to have a successful afterlife. There have also been many theories in which the shape is meant to be a manifestation of sunrays (Qtd. from AP Art History lecture notes), which also link to the belief of reaching the afterlife. Furthermore, it can also be related to the belief that the king was a god who reigned over Egypt until their reunion with their father the Sun God Ra, after their deaths. The angles of the four equilateral triangle faces meet at the very top, at such a great height that strives to reach heavenward, or in the Egyptian belief; the afterlife. For some, the pyramid can also be a symbol of durability, this meaning can relate to the Egyptian belief of the king being a god, and as we all know gods are immortal. This meaning really is accurate, for the pyramids still even to this day, enduring many events in which it has been close to collapsing but nonetheless has persevered. Moreover, the pyramids were supposed to show a king’s wealth, meaning the bigger it is the wealthier the king was. The shape itself is geometrical; it contains symmetry which is aesthetically pleasing as well. Therefore, not only do the pyramids contain symbolism and reflection of their beliefs but also portray geometrical beauty.
The Egyptians constructed the Pyramids precisely because it was a sign of devotion to their Pharaoh’s resting place making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible; which has contributed to how Geometry conveys beauty through the building of the Pyramids. The effort was exerted because it was as though as if their pharaoh were to still look after its people even after passing on to the afterlife. This also connects the beauty of precision found in the sides of the Pyramids’ which resembled light and/or sunrays. “The Egyptian cultures considered sunrays and light to be beautiful and very luminous to their culture” (Qtd. from AP Art History lecture notes). This reminds us that to be precise...

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