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How Does Georgia’s Weather Pattern Affect Georgia As A Whole?

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Natural disasters have been around since the beginning of time, making a massive impact in Georgia’s weather patterns. This makes both a positive and negative influence in Georgia climate, making it as unpredictable as an unmonitored baby. Georgia’s average customary temperature is about 63 degrees Fahrenheit daily during the summertime. It then drops down to only about 47 degrees during the majority of the winter. Even though Georgia has a semi-tropical weather, it has extreme droughts that also happen at random moments. This problem is due to worldwide global warming caused by an immense amount of human pollution.
    Georgia’s weather is dominate for hail, thunderstorms, droughts, and as well as tornadoes or tropical storms. The weather at this state is ever changing daily form rainy to suddenly sunny at times. Human pollution is a major factor of this, our ignorance causing global warming allowing the ice caps to melt and the ocean to rise. This will make it easier for the hurricanes and tropical storms to strike harder and faster, batting at the coast of Georgia. The geographic location of Georgia makes it open to attacks from tropical storms and hurricanes from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. As result of this, majority of the Georgians make their living near the heart of Georgia, in its capital city: Atlanta. This makes them safer from tropical storm or hurricane surges near its coast.
    Even today, many people enjoy living among the soil-rich land of Georgia because of its flourishing summer weather, and not too brisk winters. It is probably the only state in the U.S that lets their inhabitants experience all four seasons fully throughout the year. Because of this, Georgia’s population is increasing at a dramatic rate attracting tourists from all around the world. This state has an unique curvature at its coast, making it harder for hurricanes to strike. This still does not mean they won’t strike hard at us. Some hurricanes like Hurricane Alberto, Hurricane Floyd, and Hurricane David are examples of extreme hurricanes that occurred during the past hundred years. Over the the hundred years as the storms get stronger we get smarter and more cautious about our safety with them. So next time a disaster strikes, we will be ready for it.
    As resent years go by, more and more natural disasters has hit Georgia. To prepare for this the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal has created an event called Severe Weather Awareness Week to help Georgians better prepare for natural disasters when they appear. This event takes place on February 4-8, with each day having their own specific focus. On February 4th, it is family preparedness day ,on the fifth is thunderstorm safety, and during the sixth is tornado safety. Then on February 7th, we practice lightning safety, and finally, on the last day we practice...

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