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How Does Globalization Affect Cultural Traditions In The Arabic Communities?

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The modern phenomena of globalization is having effects on Arab cultural traditions in Arab communities in many ways, like in language, education, media and customs. Globalization is making the world becoming a "global village" and the result is Arab communities cultural traditions are changing and are threaten to be lost .

Globalization is not easy to define, but we can say it is process of integrating the world's economies, trade, business and communications together. The problem is the culture that is dominate is the West, many people feel to be "globalized" means to do everything like America and the West. Ira Rifkin in his book, "Spiritual Perspective On Globalization" define globalization how different religions and traditions understand it, include Islam which is the religion many Arabs follow. In his opinion, globalization on cultural level is the spread of the influence of West culture, which he calls western mono-culture (Rifkin, 2003, p.170). This argument is also support by Dr Houda Abdul Nasser who write, "The U.S. is seeking to project American culture as a model for a global culture that should be disseminated over international communications networks, with no restrictions whatsoever" (Abdul Nasser, 1999).

The first way globalization is effect Arab culture and tradition is in Arabic language and daily communication. Many young Arabs now choose to speak English instead of Arabic, or speak Arabic mix with English, and write Arabic using English alphabet. When they speak English they usually put American accent. Also less Arabs in their daily communication use religious Arabic phrases like "Masha'allah" (What Allah Wills) and "Alhamdulillah" (Praise be to Allah) because of globalization: "In the rest of the Western world, the attack against the Allah Lexicon is more subtle, the influence of popular culture, secularization, globalization, and modernization, rather than overtly aggressive governmental policy" (Castleton and Marrow, 2007, p.205). These used to be phrases always on Arab people tongues but they now say them less because they are getting westernized and secular. In this way the Arabic language is getting lost.

The second way globalization is effect Arab culture and tradition is the education. In Arab countries like Egypt and GCC, foreign schools and universities have opened providing a excellent education and better opportunity for students. These foreign schools and universities are a new trend in Arab World (El-Hawat, 2007, p.5). However, the Arab students that study there get influence by the West ideas and culture and this can conflict with their parents and family and cause problems.

Globalization also is effect on Arabic media – music, movies and the TV channels. In the past, Arabic media was unique, now it is just a copy of what you hear on American radio, what you see at the American cinema or watch on West TV channels. Globalization of communications in Arab World is what Ira Rifkin refer to as...

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