How Does Globalization Contribute To Sustainable Prosperity For All Poeple

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How does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people?

Globalization contributes to sustainable prosperity for all people by trading, supplying jobs and minimum standard for education. Trading keeps peace between countries and gives us what we want and need in life. Sharing ideas helps us connect with each other and when we share ideas and put our minds together great things come from it. Supplying jobs helps poverty stricken people in different parts of the world make a good living and it benefits for both parties. And minimum standards for education so people in less developed countries may see better education.
Trading happens all over the world. Countries trade with each other which creates peace and eliminates war. Trade gives us fresher tastier food, new technology and resources we may not have. Such as Canada and china, Canada will trade resources that we have and they don’t for things they we don’t have and they do, such as oil. Trade fuels economic growth and supply’s jobs for millions of people around the world. We get all the toys clothing and electronics that makes us happy from trading. But not everyone around the world can afford all of the things which make people in North America happy, some people even having a pair of shoes or new clothes would make them happy, but by trading this can happen. Trading makes people happy no matter where you are in the world.
Jobs contribute to sustainable prosperity when because when big cooperate companies outsource and give people in poor countries with no job or education a chance at a future for them and their families. People who may not have any way of getting a job or education can be outsourced by companies, they will give them training and education so they can have employees for a low wage. Both parties benefit from this. The companies save money and have more employees and the people who are being outsourced have a way to make more than a dollar a day so they can support their families. There are many negative affects about jobs in poor countries also, such as ship breaking in Bangladesh. People are working for less than a...

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