How Does Heart Disease Affect Cardiac Medicinal History?

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Heart disease has caused a huge amount of the surgeries to the heart, and it has also rose through the ranks of becoming a known disease. There are quite a few surgeries made to stop heart disease and many ways to find and prevent heart disease. Heart disease has been known to be one of the silent killers up there right next to ninjas and mute serial killers
Heart disease or coronary artery disease is the highest killer of all people in America. It is diagnosed when one of your veins become clogged, or partially clogged (Naff). Healthy arteries are able to flex and bend to let blood flow hasten or slow; when they get injured then something called a plaque forms and hardens over the injury ...view middle of the document...

Coronary bypass surgery started in 1910 when a doctor tried, and failed to do the procedure on a dog. Then in 1968 a man by the name of Rene Favalero grafter or in other words copy and pasted a vein from a patients leg into their heart (Park). This procedure opened up the door for others to start performing themselves. After a while doctors became more suited to do the procedure and even started operating on patients in worse conditions and some of the brave ones even operated on the patients while having a heart attack, and after that the process became perfected and the doctors became more able to do the procedure (Park). They had figured out that they must get in and out of the heart before a heart attack can occur (Park).
The first clinical trial of coronary bypass surgery started to see the outcome and long term effect, because people had been saying that the surgery had extended their life expectancy by ten years (Park). This however was a huge lie the procedure was not extending life expectancy, but it was however saving patients from heart disease (Park). Coronary bypass surgery was on a huge high after everyone heard about it being performed over a 100,000 times in the year of 1977 and it got even higher when it hit 600,000 in 1996; including famous patients such as former President Bill Clinton, and David Letterman (Park).
After everyone and their grandma heard about coronary bypass surgery saving heart disease patients something new came out and it was called angioplasty (Park). Angioplasty is where a doctor inserts a balloon into your clogged artery and blows it up to keep it unclogged (Park). Angioplasty was first done by Andreas Grüntzig he found a way to insert a balloon into a man’s groin up to his heart and blow it up to unclog it (Park). He thought that his procedure could replace fifteen percent of all coronary bypass surgeries (Park). Cardiologists became confused over how angioplasty could replace coronary bypass surgery at all and if it would even improve over the procedure (Park). Although even if it did not improve over it did make 133,000 procedures to over a million performed today making the cardiac medicine industry a hundred billion dollar...

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