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How Does Human Mobility Affect The Nature Of Community, Politics And Citizenship Stafford University, Migration And Refugees Studies Assignment On How Human Movements Affect Community

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How does human mobility affect the nature of community, politics and citizenship?
Human movements have long been recognized as important factors that can affect the hosting community, political nature and citizenship of a country and by extension the health and well-being. Human movement could be in the form migration which is movement of persons from one place to another in search for better life, it could also be for refuge reason which is a person seeking safety due to man-made or natural disaster at residual area, it could also be in the form of displacement which is the forced movement of humans from their home, or country of patrimony. From 1750 onwards, the world has witnessed a rapid movement of humans most especially during wars, natural disasters and major developments and more movement of humans is on the rise all over the world because the world is in shambles, chaos. The Americas and Australia became popular destinations for many different groups of people during this period. These lands promised new opportunities especially for migrants. The statue of liberty in New York became a symbol of this hope and opportunity for those on the move. With these movements going on all over the world, it could affect the communities in various ways such as shortage of water and food supply; this may affect the supply of food and water in one way or the other, hence a very huge problem to the host country/community. For example, since the arrival of refugees to Kakuma, the...

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